“We really enjoyed the trip - thank you for organizing and planning the visits. And it was a great pleasure meeting you.So we are finally back and catching up with what we have missed - and it's not all that much! How amazing how time perception changes as a result of only a week of traveling... And to a great extent thanks to our detour to Champagne!

Thank you again and have a wonderful holiday season!”-Olga Ledbetter- American “We had an absolutely brillant time! Thank you so much for everything” Meghna Prakash- Indian 

“Thank you soo much fro accomodating our familys needs for the tour. You are such a delightful person and you truly made our time in Champagne special. I am sure that it is a time that we will nver forget and will be talked about for years to come. Thanks again!- Dave Mathias-American from Alabama

“ I just wanted to thank you and Darren again for showing my wife and I a wonderful time in Champagne. It truly was the highlight of our week in France. Darren and yourself were a wealth of info. As well as being great people to talk with. Good luck with your business and I will be sure to put a top rating on Trip Advisor!.”- Todd Johnson

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