Wine Tasting Tour or Virtual class diving into Tuscan wines!

Leaving Florence early in the morning you are provided with a light yummy Florentine cookie breakfast as well as espresso. 

You’re brought to the stunning wine region by private car and private chauffeur ( 30 minutes ). Tuscany is hands down one of the most gorgeous wine regions in the world (made up of Chianti Classico,  Montepulciano, Brunello di Montalcino and Maremma). The birthplace of the Renaissance it is an area with stunning hill topped medieval villages, cedar tree lined private estates, rows of vines (33 DOC and 9 DOCG wine making regions), olive trees (at times they are 500-1000 years old!) and a gorgeous 3000 year history to wine making! 

Dating back to the Etruscans, vines and olive trees historically were a large part of the ancient diet and were even considered to be sacred plants with healing qualities. The region is perfect for wine making as it has a hot climate with cool evenings, difficult soils and high altitude giving it a diurnal temp variation which help the grapes maintain their balance of sugar, acidity and aromas. The poor soil forces the vines to fight for nutrients, sending the roots deeper and improving the quality of the wine! Sangiovese-one of Italy’s most noble varietals  flourishes here as it adores direct sunlight and performs better on the many hillside vineyards in Tuscany. The new cult trend in the region which we will explore is the emergence of gorgeous high quality and high priced Super Tuscans which are blends of Bordeaux Varietals such as Cabernet Savignon and Merlot with their traditional Sangiovese - the most famous being the 1971 Sangiovese- Cab blend known as Tignanello which we will taste. 

We will open doors to prestigious wineries such as Antinori which has opened for the first time in 600 years and produces the incredible and world famous wines Solaia & Tignanello, you will discover their cellars, drink various blends and understand their history. You will also have time with a 1 or 2 small Chianti producers which are family run and produce gorgeous 100% Sangiovese wine or Super Tuscans. 

You will devour  the gastronomy of the region through snacks along the way and at a fabulous planned gourmet lunch at the Michelin star  Osteria di Passignano or at a casual Italian restaurant. You will also have the option of visiting a Pecorino cheese farm. Lastly, you will stay the  night in a beautiful Chateau like the 5 star Castello del Nero Hotel and Spa or head back to Firence before 7pm.

* Prices and booking through emailing: tastysidetolifetours@gmail.com

1 Day Trip (with Florence pickup and drop-off)

                                     Day 1

9:15                Hotel Pickup in Florence

                       (Or 9h30 Tavarnelle val di  

                       Pesa Firenze pickup)  


9:45                Arrival at Antinori Winery

10-12               Antinori Winery Tour &

                        Tasting or Private VIP


12:30-2:30pm  Gourmet Michelin 

                         Star Lunch or Casual

                         Italian Lunch

3pm-4:30pm   Wine Tasting

                         and Tour at “Grower” like

                         Domini Castellare di

                         Castellina in a gorgeous

                         cobblestone village


5:15pm            Hotel Dropoff at Local

                        Chateau or Florence Hotel


  1. *Multiple Day trips are available and an overnight hotel/ Chateau stay is ALWAYS recommended as the best way to relax, breathe in some country air and enjoy the region!!

  1. *Pricing for 2 people varies from 299-599€ per person depending on preferences. Discounts for parties of 4-20 people