Harvest Party 

At Champagne Le Gallais September/ October 2020- can be virtual        


Click here to purchase tickets or for more info. Or call 510 590 0943

What: Harvest Party! Activities include 45mins/ 1 hr of Grape Picking, Grape Sampling in the vineyards, samples of Fresh Pressed Juice. You can even taste a wine while it's fermenting!

Learn how to read a Refractometer and gain a deeper understanding about the importance of the balance between sugar PH and acid levels in the grapes. You’ll meet the Le Gallais famliy, sample their cuvees (Extra Brut, Brut, Rose) and enjoy a family style lunch on the property surrounded by gorgeous vineyards and a 1830’s gorgeous Chateau. Meet the Winemakers (the Le Gallais family). This is your opportunity to learn all about harvest!involved in the cooking of each d

We will be roasted a pig and serve it with a nice salad all prepared by a Michelin star chef Michael Nizzero from the regional 1 Michelin star La Briqueterie. This will be paired with a few glasses of top notch champagne. 

Harvest Party is TBD 10h-15h, 2014 date yet to be announced will be accompanied by the food and there will be music from a DJ to top it off.

Have you ever wanted to get involved in a wine harvest in champagne? Find out what it's like this October 2013 in the Heart of the Champagne region. Join us for the 2013 Harvest Party and experience the harvest, hands-on.

Guests will not only get a behind-the-scenes look at what happens during the harvest, you'll have the opportunity to get involved, hands-on!

Harvest Party is TBD (yet to be announced) from 10am-2:30pm. Additional events October 2nd-13th if you can’t make the harvest party . Reserve: tastysidetolifetours@gmail.com or call 510 590 0943